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Why should developers use angular framework for programming?

Why should developers use angular framework for programming?

Why should developers use angular framework for programming?

An angular framework is a type of frontend framework that is best for building single-page applications for developers. This framework is best for creating large applications sustainably with the implementation of core functionality as an asset of typescript libraries. Frontend frameworks are used to boost web development efficiency just by providing the developers with a consistent structure. So due to these benefits developers don’t have to waste their time by rebuilding the codes again and again from the beginning. Thus, serving as time savers these frameworks are offering their experts the facilities of extra features without putting extra effort.

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Use of angular framework:

JavaScript is one of the most commonly used web applications that is embedded into HTML documents. This will enable the online pages to run in multiple ways. Moreover, programmers can also build modern apps due to their widespread support. It is one of the simple and easy-to-learn and use languages. Therefore, nowadays there are multiple frameworks to encounter the developer’s problems. So, using angular for this purpose is also one of the best frameworks that use JavaScript to create web apps, PWA and SPA.

Continuous support and improvement:

Angular framework was developed by some experts at Google in 2009. Experts’ main intention for creating this framework is to be a free and open-source web application development framework. That can be used by multiple developers to build their businesses. Thus, due to its strong work, it has gained a massive group of people’s attention according to one of the surveys this framework is currently the third most popular web framework among developers.

So, to avoid confusion between Angula.JS and Angular modern version the latest one is called simple Angular. But every time each version of this framework improves itself from the old one like fixing bugs and addressing the issues that developers must feel during their applications developments. Experts use this platform to design better-suited versions of applications for mobile devices.

There are some of the updates that are influenced by using the angular framework in all these years.

  • A unique rewriting in TypeScript
  • Some new add-on features that are helpful like build optimizers to remove unnecessary app codes.
  • New Google material designs like SDK, Renderer, and Bazel.

Data binding:

A process that enables the developers to interact with web page components with the help of the browser. This data-binding process uses HTML without any programming. It is employed in web pages that have some interactive processes like some types of games, and forums. Use as calculators or tutorials. Moreover, you can also have a better display of your web page using the angular framework. It has a two-way binding technique; one is the model state that reflects any changes made in UI elements. Vice versa this UI state reflects any changes made in the model state. Thus, this will help connect DOM to the model data through the controller.

Document object model:

DOM in the angular framework uses XML and HTML as a tree that has branches and each node is presenting a portion of text. This document object model is the same in angular as all other frameworks. For example, let’s suppose that you have an HTML page and you made fifteen changes on that same page. So instead of updating those changes, this DOM will update the entire page of HTML within no time.


There is a tool called jasmine testing framework that angular use for its multiple functionalities for example writing different types of test cases. There is a test task runner called Karma that uses a configuration file for testing frameworks.

Benefits of using Angular Framework:

Angular framework is considered one of the most popular frameworks for creating mobile and web applications, which are the perfect options for high-quality apps with less coding and less debugging.

Here are some benefits of using an angular framework for web developers:

Trustworthy and reliable framework:

An angular framework is one of the well-maintained and trustworthy platforms that is being used by many developers. Since this platform has the support of major corporations like Google, making it is one of the most reliable frameworks.

Easy testing:

Angular framework has one file one module theory. This means that the angular framework has a code that is logical, consistent, and easy to use for front-end developers.  It has two structural components:


A structure of components that has modules, services, components, and directives is called angular modularity. The best part of using this framework is that throughout the application development process, this framework tests each code separately while giving great control over quality.


The latest version of angular is based on a component-based framework that has a model view controller approach. The previous version of Angular framework breaks down the structure of an application into multiple components. Thus, ultimately a developer creates an overall structure that helps in the consistency of codes.

Create web apps very quickly:

The angular framework works as a popular framework that creates web apps more rapidly. This efficiency of the framework is due to the technical benefits that a framework has like the help of documentation, google assistance, and support.


This framework is highly cost-effective because it has the benefit of allowing its developers to use a single codebase to create multiple web applications. Moreover, you can use a wide range of features to create high-quality websites. This framework is also useful while testing the angular features while lowering the risks of bugs. So, using this framework developers can solve any laying issues, without even checking all the modules.

Great performance:

This framework has a versatile nature like template syntax. Angular CLI and many other features are helpful while making the developer’s job easy and simpler. This helps enable fast downloading of applications without interruption.


This framework helps add new features in contributing to your business growth. Moreover, you can also create apps that have pluggable modules, a single data flow, testability, and redux-like management. Moreover, you can collaborate with other apps with different codebases, which will help the angular framework to have an easy scale-up.

Summing up:

So, angular is one of the top-rated frameworks that help create cutting-edge applications within no time. The best part is using this framework is using a single code for creating a whole application.

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